Game Dinosaur Train: All On Board! online


Game Dinosaur Train: All On Board! online.

Somewhere in the distance, the train whistle is heard. Oh yes! This is our dinosaur train. Now this inter-temporal express train will, for the umpteenth time, transport prehistoric passengers over different periods of the Mesozoic era. The first destination will be the Triassic period. It is here that you will be aboard your first passengers. First you need to find free space for each dinosaur. Then you should stamp all the tickets and look at them. Did you notice that there are two-color tickets? This means that dinosaurs travel to different periods of the Mesozoic era. Passengers with green tickets will leave upon arrival of the train in the Jurassic period, and dinosaurs with blue tickets in the Cretaceous. After you deal with tickets, it's time to feed the train guests. There will be two types of food in the cart: vegetation for herbivores and fish for carnivores. The conductor will help you decide who prefers what kind of food. As soon as the train starts a temporary flight, you need to press the button and you will fly through time and space on the famous dinosaur train. Good luck!

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