Game Game Snow White at the Oculist online


Game Game Snow White at the Oculist online.

Vision is one of the five basic senses of a person. it must be very protected and monitor the state of vision. After all, if the vision begins to deteriorate and pay attention to it, then you will have to wear glasses. Once Snow White noticed that her vision had noticeably worsened. She began to see poorly and urgently consulted a doctor. In the game "Snow White at the Oculist", you will go to an appointment with a specialist and he will see you. Snow White will have to go through several tests to determine the state of her eyes and eyesight. You will check the beauty’s eyesight, try on lenses and do a computer test. The doctor will show you fingers, and you must dial the correct number on a special board. At the very end of the game, you can pick up a beautiful frame for Snow White and the beauty will be good to see this beautiful world again. Have a good game!

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