Game Game Snow White Against Evil Stepmother online


Game Game Snow White Against Evil Stepmother online.

Young Snow White was reputed to be the most beautiful and kindest girl in the whole kingdom. All residents and subjects loved her very much. Virtually everything. Snow White's stepmother was fraught with anger at the young beauty. In the game "Snow White Against the Evil Stepmother", you will choose the style for each of the two beauties. To do this, you need to work hard and come up with an appropriate image for the Evil Queen and Snow White. The first will be Snow White. First you need to choose a tone for the face. This is the most basic thing about makeup. then you need to choose shadows, mascara, powder, blush and lipstick. And here comes the fun part. We will choose a hairstyle and dress for our beauty. Then comes the turn of the Evil Queen. First you need to do her makeup, and only then pick up a chic hairstyle and a stunning bow. Have a good game!

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