Game Game Snow White: Fashion Rivals online


Game Game Snow White: Fashion Rivals online.

Young Snow White was reputed to be a real beauty from her very birth. She was a lovely and charming creature, and when she grew up, she eclipsed even the queen herself with her beauty. The evil stepmother was envious of Snow White all the time and tried to overtake her and be the first in everything. The whole kingdom knew that Snow White was not only beautiful, but also insanely talented. She had a wonderful voice, culinary skills and a talent for sewing. In the game "Snow White: Fashionable Rivals", you will help the young girl to sew three outfits secretly from the Evil Queen. You have to seat Snow White at the sewing machine as soon as the stepmother leaves for the dresses. See that you do not get caught, or you will lose. Remember that you are limited in time and must have time to fill out the ribbon in the top block of games before the time runs out. Have a good game!

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