Game Game Diadem For Lalalupsey online


Game Game Diadem For Lalalupsey online.

In today's game you will become a real jeweler of a fabulous country - Lalalupsia. Small dolls live here, each of which is very different from each other. Doll Princess decided to make beautiful diadems for all her friends. She prepared a sketch where exactly the diadem that you will need to create will be drawn. Try to do everything as in the sketch of the Princess, because if something is so, she will not accept your robot. First, paint the diadem blank, then use glue to insert gems and stars that will look very good on the diadem. The last step for you will be to strew the diadem with beautiful sparkles. Make an exact copy of the drawing, and then get the best praise from the princess dome from Lalalupsia.

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