Game Psychedelic Puzzles online


Game Psychedelic Puzzles online.

Uncle Grandfather is pleased to welcome you in his new game "Psychedelic Puzzles". Here you will again plunge into the crazy and cheerful world of a restless company led by Uncle Grandfather. Yeah, you definitely won’t have to get bored with them, not just a minute, not a second. So, let us tell you about the game itself. In "Psychedelic Puzzles", you will add various pictures. They will feature cartoon characters: Uncle Grandfather, Pizza Steve, Big Flying Tiger and Mr. Gus along with the rest of the inhabitants of the incredible world. All you need to do this is to swap the pieces of the puzzles until the complete picture is complete. Just remember that for every picture you will have exactly thirty seconds. Can you handle it? We are absolutely sure that you will put all psychedelic puzzles together without problems. Have a good game!

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