Game Game Uncle Grandfather: Three in a Row online


Game Game Uncle Grandfather: Three in a Row online.

Here you are again visiting Uncle Grandfathers. This cheerful old man is simply not created for a quiet life. He constantly craves adventures and travels around the world on a miracle trailer. Today, Uncle Grandfather was in a very cheerful mood and talked with his bag named Barset. He was so carried away that he himself did not notice how he fell right into his bag. Now you need to get out of there. But how to do that? Uncle Grandfather always knows the answer to any question and even now will find the right solution. Inside Barset full - full of sweets. After all, we all know that Uncle Grandfather loves sweets, just like a little child. In the game "Uncle Grandfather: Three in a Row", you must help the old man arrange all the sweets so as to get out of Barset. To do this, put the same candy three or more in the same row. Then they will disappear and you can win. Have a good game!

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