Game Game Uncle Grandfather: Santa Claus online


Game Game Uncle Grandfather: Santa Claus online.

Christmas is a fabulous holiday full of magic and miracles. Everyone on Earth is looking forward to this fun holiday every year. After all, Christmas is laughter, fun, goodies and most importantly - gifts. But on Christmas Eve there was a terrible trouble. Santa Claus broke his leg and now he will not be able to deliver gifts home. But the children are waiting for this. But then Uncle Grandfather comes to the rescue. He, along with his friends, agrees to help Santa and deliver all the presents instead. In the game "Uncle Grandfather: Santa Claus" your character will be Uncle Grandfather. He will change into a Santa Claus costume so that no one notices the substitution. You need to help the old man go to the tree, bypassing all the obstacles. Repeat key combinations carefully to get to the tree and put gifts under it. If you make a mistake, you have to start again. Have a good game!

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