Game Game Uncle Grandfather: Snowman online


Game Game Uncle Grandfather: Snowman online.

Uncle Grandfather is a stormy mixture of fun and rash acts. He loves people very much and tries in every possible way to help them. and sometimes he even fulfills their desires. True, sometimes a cheerful old man takes them too literally. Once, on a winter walk, Uncle Grandfather noticed how a young man sculpted a snowman. The kid did very well and he said out loud that the snowman came to life. Well guess what Uncle Grandfather did? Of course, he immediately fulfilled this desire. But apparently something messed up and the snowman came to life, but became a zombie. And not even one, but with his snowy friends. Zombies captured Uncle Grandfather’s boyfriend and friends. Now the old man will have to immediately save his comrades and correct his mistake. In the game "Snowman", you will help the old man. You need to destroy all the snowmen, but you can not get into your friends. The longer you hold down the throw key, the stronger this throw will be. Have a good game!

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