Game Uncle Grandfather: Crazy. Travel online


Game Uncle Grandfather: Crazy. Travel online.

Today Uncle Grandfather arranged a fun and exciting interdimensional excursion for the company of children. When they arrived home on the bus, Uncle Grandfather noticed that someone was clearly missing. And as it turned out, almost everyone is missing. There was no one left on the bus except Uncle Grandfather and the Real Flying Tiger behind the wheel. Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus and all the kids stayed in a parallel world. What will Uncle Grandfather do now? Well, of course, save everyone. In the game "Uncle Grandfather: Crazy Journey", you will control our famous old man who will travel on horseback on the Real Flying Tiger. You have to find your friends, in a place full of dangers and outlandish monsters. Most importantly, do not fall under the blows of enemies and collect various sweets to refresh yourself and strengthen your health. A real Flying Tiger can release not only a terrible growl from its mouth, but also deadly shells. Use them against monsters. To remove blocks from the road you need to shoot them and they collapse. But there will be those that can be reached only by calculating a shot for a rebound. Have a good game!

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