Game Grandfather's Uncle: Flying For Peanut Butter online


Game Grandfather's Uncle: Flying For Peanut Butter online.

Uncle Grandfather is a big prankster and a merry fellow. But also, he is a big fan of sweet, and especially peanut butter. Do you like peanut butter? If so, then we invite you to visit Uncle Dede for a sweet feast. But not so simple. Just to take a jar and eat its contents is not very interesting. What if you set up a real hunt for this yummy? Want to? Then, welcome to the game "Uncle Grandfather: Flying For Peanut Butter." Uncle Grandfather will fly in the air, quickly waving his arms, and collect jars of sweet peanut butter. Help him collect as much of this treat as possible and avoid obstacles in the form of a trailer and flying robots. It will be a lot of fun and help you test your dexterity. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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