Game Game Uncle Grandfather: The Wealth of Barcel online


Game Game Uncle Grandfather: The Wealth of Barcel online.

One funny old man named Uncle Grandfather lives in the world. She is both an uncle and a grandfather for every child or adult on the planet. He travels in his magical wagon around the world. His faithful friends and associates are always next to him: an ancient dinosaur named Mr. Gus, a cool piece of pizza Steve and the Real Flying Tiger. But Uncle Grandfathers is another unusual friend - a magic bag named Barset. In the game "Uncle Grandfather: The Wealth of Barset" you have one very exciting task. You will have to conduct an operation to find all friends of Uncle Grandfathers who are lost in the bowels of the magic wagon. After all, this is only a seemingly small van, but in fact it is almost a separate universe. You need to find Mr. Gus, Steve and the Real Flying Tiger. in this fabulous place. You will find many obstacles, but you can pass them using improvised means. Uncle Grandfather will go automatically, and you need to correctly arrange all your lotions and help the cheerful old man get to his comrades. For example, chewing gum will help you fly up, a rubber ring will help you cross a pond, and a rainbow will serve as a bridge for you. Have a good game!

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