Game Game Uncle Grandfather Against Aunt Granny online


Game Game Uncle Grandfather Against Aunt Granny online.

Today, you will become a participant in the eternal competition of Uncle Grandfather and Aunt Granny. Like Uncle Grandfather, Aunt Granny is both an aunt and also a grandmother for all children in the world. This extravagant couple is constantly competing with each other and everyone is trying to prove that he is better. In the game "Uncle Grandfather Against Aunt Granny", you will play on the side of Uncle Grandfather. He will ride around the city on his trailer. A lane will be drawn in the upper panel, where you can see not only the movement of Uncle Grandfather, but also Aunt Granny. Your main goal is to overtake your opponent in the form of an aunt. To do this, you need to maneuver among obstacles and pedestrians, as well as collect cans of peanut butter to accelerate. Even if you don’t immediately manage to overtake Aunt Babula, you can practice and defeat her. Have a good game!

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