Game Game Hulk: Round Puzzle online


Game Game Hulk: Round Puzzle online.

The Hulk is one of Marvel’s most controversial heroes. He seems to be rampaging all the time, but sometimes this happens with tremendous benefits for the city. True, after the destruction and pogroms that the green handsome leaves behind, the residents speak of him not too flattering. But it is worth recognizing that he is, although aggressive, but one hundred percent hero. We want to introduce you to this green giant. In the game "Hulk: Round Puzzle" you will find an unusual puzzle. You have to put together a round puzzle, all parts of which, in their form, resemble pieces of pizza or tart. You are waiting for several levels. With each level, the elements will be smaller, but in larger quantities, which significantly brings diversity to the game. Plus, at each level you will find a new picture with the image of the Hulk. Have a good game!

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