Game Game Hulk: Big Defense online


Game Game Hulk: Big Defense online.

This time our green giant has a very important mission ahead. He will protect the secret substance - mutagen. If he falls into bad hands, the consequences can be very sad. that is why it was decided to give the Hulk the protection of the mutagen. After all, few can compete with him in strength, fearlessness and madness. At the first need, the Hulk will fight always and everywhere until the last enemy. In the game "Hulk: Big Defense" you will protect the base from robotic spiders and mutant soldiers. For you it will just spit. The truth is, until you meet in a fight with the main boss. Here you have to strain yourself. But remember that initially you can use only one Hulk corona, and a couple of powerful attacks will be available as you progress through the game. Good luck

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