Game Game Hulk Madness online


Game Game Hulk Madness online.

The Hulk was again furious and began to destroy everything in a row. Soon, the entire city will remain solid ruins. The authorities proudly sent military police to pacify the green monster. But no, it’s just pacifying the raging Hulk. He will run away and inflict more than before. In the game "Hulk Madness", you will not pacify the giant. You will be him. You will have to try on the role of a bully and a destroyer. All you need to do is to cause maximum damage to the military. To do this, you need to fall under the bombs that will be dropped on you, in the hope of destroying or even crippling. But thanks to the bombs, you can bounce. To jump without the aid of shells you need to fill out the jump tape by destroying aircraft and other enemy equipment. Have a good game!

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