Game Game Hulk: Find The Numbers online


Game Game Hulk: Find The Numbers online.

Bruce Banner was a promising scientist. He dreamed of making many important discoveries. it was this desire that played a cruel joke with him. During one experiment, an accident occurred. Bruce was exposed to a large dose of gamma rays and the irreparable happened. Now, due to the huge radiation, global changes have occurred in the scientist's body. Now he has become a slave to his emotions. After all, as soon as Bruce is angry, he loses control of himself and turns into a huge green giant named Hulk. This big man has not just power, but animal power. Hulk destroys everything when in a rage. In the game "Hulk: Find the Figures", you can get to know better this big guy. All you need to do is find the numbers from 1 to 25 in the pictures from the movie. Good luck

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