Game Game Planet Hulk: Gladiators online


Game Game Planet Hulk: Gladiators online.

The hulk was abducted by aliens and transported to an alien planet. This planet was famous for the gladiator battles throughout the universe. Thanks to these battles, the treasury of the planet was replenished. Nomadic merchants spotted the Hulk and tricked him into the infamous planet. Such a big guy would be a real star among the gladiators. In the game "Planet of the Hulk: Gladiators", you will help the Hulk to pass all the tests and destroy the enemies in order to return home. You will find a myriad of different-sized enemies - from huge iron insects to stone golems. To defeat them you need to be courageous and equip the green giant in full. You can do this by choosing the difficulty mode: easy, medium or heavy. The more complex, the more impressive the hero is equipped. If you have chosen the most difficult mode, then you can use an additional powerful blow. On two modes weaker it is not available. Have a good game!

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