Game Game Hulk: Gamma Storm online


Game Game Hulk: Gamma Storm online.

The Hulk enters the fray again. He learned that the villain Agamnemon had abducted his friends. The hulk is not just angry, it infuriated him. Now the Hulk goes after Agamnemon and if he catches the villain, then Agmnemon can only sympathize. In the game "Hulk: Gamma Storm", you will fly after the villain. In order to stay in the air for as long as possible, you need to keep your gamma ray ribbon filled, otherwise you will fall and have to start all over again. To do this, try to break all the flying boxes. But there is one more "good" news. The crafty one sent his minions to meet you. You need to welcome them with open fists. The more critters you kill, the more points you earn. They can be spent on improving the characteristics of your character. As a result of the passage of the game, you can open new characters. Such as the Red Hulk, Skaar, Woman - Hulk and A - Bomb. Have a good game!

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