Game Game Sheriff Kelly Saves The Day online


Game Game Sheriff Kelly Saves The Day online.

Today, your mission will be to help Sheriff Kelly. The fact is that a gang has arrived in the city that wants to make trouble. In less than a day, three stores were hit. Now all hope is only on you and Sheriff Kelly. If Kelly finds these thieves, she will receive the badge of the real sheriff. So, let's start the investigation! The first victim is the seller in the store. When she was serving customers, a thief suddenly appeared who began to scatter everything. Now the store is in complete chaos, you must help the victim and put things in order here. To get started, serve all customers who want to shop. Try to give customers only the things they need. When you complete this mission, the Sheriff will find a clue that will lead him to the robber. Next, you need to go to the fresh juice store, which also suffered. Here, you tech will have to help the victims, until Sheriff Kelly catches the bandit and puts him in jail. Good luck

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