Game Sheriff Kelly's Great Raid online


Game Sheriff Kelly's Great Raid online.

Dear friends, well, here we are again in the Wild West. Peace and tranquility reign here, while the great and fearless Sheriff Kelly stands at the helm of justice. But once the bandits broke the peaceful life of the inhabitants. These villains decided to rob the town and thought that it did not threaten them. But which of them could know that not a single villain could hide from the sheriff Kelly with impunity. In the game "The Big Sheriff Kelly Round-up" you can take the reins of justice into your own hands and show all the villains where the crayfish spend the winter. You will need to catch up and detain the four most notorious bandits. You can do this in any order. Each villain considers himself the most intelligent and elusive, but this plays a cruel joke with him and the narcissistic opener constantly loses the loot. This will give you an excellent opportunity to collect all the stolen property and quickly catch up with the unfortunate robber. During the chase, be careful and do not stumble on a tumbleweed or cactus, or else you yourself will lose prey. Ready? Then, in pursuit!

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