Game Game Sheriff Kelly: Wild West online


Game Game Sheriff Kelly: Wild West online.

Sheriff Kelly invites you to visit the Wild West. Today you have a unique opportunity not only to watch the cowboy life of the inhabitants of the town of the Wild West, but also to ride in its surroundings. Sheriff Kelly with his best friend named Ray will collect wild cows to redirect them to live on his farm. It’s dangerous to live alone in the desert, because your goal in this game is to help Sheriff Kelly save the poor cows who don’t know that everyone can live in peace in the town of the kindest sheriff in the world. Sheriff Kelly should, with the help of a cowboy’s technique, throw a loop of rope on the cows in order to take them to her - that’s exactly what you will do. When riding a horse, you need to catch as many cows as possible. If you want to play with the mouse, then your task is to help Sheriff Kelly save her by quickly repairing the railway.

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