Game Panda: Race with Fireworks online


Game Panda: Race with Fireworks online.

The frantic five masters of kung fu decided to play a trick on the Panda Panda. They asked him to go to the local market to buy meat for dumplings. When Poe heard only the word dumplings, he immediately agreed. But cunning masters stuffed the cart with fireworks. As soon as the panda got into the wagon, the Mantis master set fireworks on fire and the wagon rushed off at a crazy speed. In the game "Kung Fu Panda: Race with Fireworks", you will control a charged wagon and arrange a real race. To win you need to collect all the coins along the way and various bonuses. To speed up, use certain keys and fly at the speed of fireworks towards adventures and dumplings. Ready? Full speed ahead! Have a good game!

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