Game Kung Fu: Stone-Scissors-Paper online


Game Kung Fu: Stone-Scissors-Paper online.

Everyone in childhood played a very interesting game of rock-paper-scissors. Here in the game "Kung Fu: Stone-Scissors-Paper" you have to play with kung fu panda. Before you start the game, you need to know the rules: scissors always cut paper, but not stone. In turn, paper hits a stone, but not scissors, and a stone can beat scissors, but not paper. Once you remember the rules, you can start the game. Before you show a figure, you need to select it with the mouse, then the panda Poe will make your choice and at the expense of three you will find out who won. Every time you win, you will earn twenty-five points, and for a draw - 10. Try to earn as many points as possible and save them in the menu where the results of the game are displayed. Good luck

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