Game Game Kung Fu Panda 2: Dumpling Warrior online


Game Game Kung Fu Panda 2: Dumpling Warrior online.

From childhood, Panda Poe was very fond of eating dumplings. Hot, tasty, aromatic, juicy, mouth-watering - they did not give him a single minute of rest, because the panda Poe could not resist not to eat dumplings in the blink of an eye. When Poe grew up, he became a real warrior, everyone knew how he loved his dumplings, and therefore they called him a dumpling warrior. He was proud of his rank and decided today to cook dumplings himself, because his dad was not at home. Panda prepared all the ingredients needed for dumplings and decided to arrange a real culinary tournament with you. By put two boards and will give you vegetables and other products. All you need is to chop them, like Panda. True, you need to do this faster than Po. They will show you how to do everything, but if you do not have time to overtake the dumplings warrior, you will not receive bonus points. So you need to try to defeat the panda in this game. Good luck

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