Game Kung Fu Panda vs Zombies Game online


Game Kung Fu Panda vs Zombies Game online.

Very gluttonous and terrible zombies attacked the Valley of Peace. They want to eat all the good rabbits in the valley. They were opposed by only one hero who is not afraid of opponents and is always ready to defend his home. In the game "Kung Fu Panda Against Zombies" you will be in the role of a kung fu panda named Poe and help him defend the honor of the master of the scroll of dragons. To do this, you need to move very quickly across the field and kill all the zombies that you can only meet in your way. For each zombie killed, additional points will be awarded, which will be displayed on a blue scale. You can see it in the upper left corner of the screen. Once it is full you can use the super punch. He will help you destroy all the zombies with one hit. Good luck

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