Game Kung Fu Panda: Coloring Game online


Game Kung Fu Panda: Coloring Game online.

Here is a collection of coloring pages from the cartoon Kung Fu Panda. Before you start drawing the picture, you need to choose one of the characters presented in the menu. Namely: dragon warrior - panda Poe, master Shifu, master Tigress, master Monkey, master Viper, master Crane, caiman Lidong and Wu Kong. When you make a choice, you can start painting. To do this, you can use the large palette of colors, which is located in the left block of the game. Also, there you can find a special menu on which there will be different gradients of the color that you choose. Give the picture as many bright colors as possible and when you finish painting one hero, you can move on to the next and continue to create your little masterpieces. Enjoy your game!

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