Game Game Kung Fu Panda Village Defender online


Game Game Kung Fu Panda Village Defender online.

An evil bull named Kai decided to attack the village of Pandas. Our beloved hero Panda Poe will play the role of defender of the village. It is he who must save all the pandas who peacefully walk around the village and are not aware of the danger. So, you control the Panda panda and you have to run around the village, pick up the pandas and quickly deliver them inside the village. Kai will follow the surroundings of the village and hunt for each of the pandas he sees nearby. After saving each panda, Chi energy balls appear on the map, selecting which, you will freeze Kai for a few seconds. With every second of the game, there are more and more pandas walking around and it is becoming more and more difficult to save them, but Poe can handle it. Play, save pandas from the evil bull and set new records for the number of saved pandas. Good luck

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