Game Kung Fu Panda Game: Legend of the Wu Sisters online


Game Kung Fu Panda Game: Legend of the Wu Sisters online.

According to legend, in one old temple, lived three sisters Wu - the great masters of kung fu. They were always together and it was in this that was their main strength. Once upon a time, the temple was attacked by the minions of Tai - Lung and kidnapped one of the sisters, imprisoning her in a large tower. In the game "Kung Fu Panda: Legend of the Woo Sisters" you need to help the two sisters find the third tigress and save her. To do this, you need to go through all the corridors of the fortress and scrolls with ancient prophecies. Once you collect them all, you can find the key to the doors that lead to the next tier of the fortress. There are a lot of such doors in the fortress and you need to open everything to find the tigress. Be careful when you control the tigresses, because the enemies will throw huge stone boulders that can kill the Wu sisters. Unite all three sisters so that they can regain their incredible strength. Have a good game!

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