Game Game Kung Fu Panda 2: Po Stories online


Game Game Kung Fu Panda 2: Po Stories online.

During the long journeys of the panda Pau - the great dragon warrior, many stories and stories about wonderful countries and places have accumulated. In the game "Kung Fu Panda 2: Po Stories," the legendary panda tells you his stories. In the game you have to plunge into each story. To do this, you need to go through a little training, and then choose a level. Then you can choose the difficulty mode: easy, medium or heavy. Well, then you need to choose your player and partner and together go to fight with enemies. There will be three types of attacks in your arsenal: attack with hands, attack with legs and attack with Chi energy. To avoid enemy attacks, use a block. If you do not have time, then find a plate with healing food and you can improve the health of your character. enjoy the game in the incredible stories of Poe.

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