Game Game Kung Fu Panda: Furious Fight online


Game Game Kung Fu Panda: Furious Fight online.

The game "Kung Fu Panda: Furious Fight" was created based on the new cartoon "Kung Fu Panda 3". All the most famous cartoon characters take part here, such as: Poe, Tigress, Praying Mantis, Master Shifu and others. They all love to fight and therefore decided to arrange competitions with fights. The game has a competition mode and training mode. In training mode, you can choose any of the heroes and test your strengths in a one on one duel. In the competition mode, you need to choose one of the heroes, for example the Panda Panda, with whom you will fight each of the rivals in turn. Each match consists of two rounds. The opponent who first defeats the opponent twice - wins. If you manage to defeat all rivals in a row, you can unlock a new Kai character, as well as three cards face down. Each of the characters has its own super trick, which can be used only with a full supply of energy. With simple strikes, you accumulate energy and get the opportunity to apply a super trick that will cause a lot of damage to your opponent. Fight battle after battle, fight violently and fiercely. Have fun and have a good time with your favorite Kung Fu Panda heroes.

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