Game Scooby Doo Runs Away from the Ghost online


Game Scooby Doo Runs Away from the Ghost online.

Not only that, the cute dog Scooby Doo is chased by ghosts, who, although they will take him to their place forever. Try to prevent this and save Scooby from evil ghosts. All you have to do is control Scooby so that he runs and with all his might. Just be careful, because there will be various obstacles on the way of Scooby, which you need to pass around. In addition to traps on the Scooby’s path, there will be useful things, such as bones, which will add strength to our hero and he will be able to run as long as possible. With each new level, the complexity of the game will be moistened, so be careful and try to help Scooby escape from ghosts.

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