Game Scooby: Magic Crystal online


Game Scooby: Magic Crystal online.

Today, the Mystery Corporation has a very responsible task. They need to solve the mystery of the crystal city. Recently, people began to disappear there, which no one can find. You will control Shegi and Scooby, who will walk around the city and question everyone in the circle. The city map is very large, so you will have tips on where you need to go. You also need to collect crystals and bones, which will be prickly to this local clue. Most of all your friends will help you - Daphne, Fred and Velma. They will give you the assignment that you need to complete. If you do everything right, you can find out where people from this unusual city disappear. Most importantly, you need to find all the crystals that can explain everything to you and help in finding people.

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