Game Game Scooby Doo Slides in the Cave online


Game Game Scooby Doo Slides in the Cave online.

The brave rescue team sets off to meet new adventures again! This time, friends will conduct an investigation in a mountain town, where a strange shaman ghost is rampant. He lives in caves and brings fear to the townspeople. Local residents turned for help to Scooby and his friends and they had no choice but to rush to the scene of the crime. In the game "Scooby Doo Slips in the Cave Game", the guys fell into one of the secret loopholes in the cave and they had to face a malicious shaman. Here the chase began! The ghost will follow in the footsteps of Scooby and Shaggy, who are simply beside themselves with fear. Help them overcome the maximum distance to tear themselves away from the shaman. You will constantly come across fire traps and thin glass platforms that will collapse under the weight of the heroes. In order not to fall down you need to jump over dangerous sections of the road and collect tasty burgers in time. Good luck

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