Game Game Scooby Doo Hunger Fever online


Game Game Scooby Doo Hunger Fever online.

The biggest lucky one to meet with monsters can be guessed the first time without hesitation. This, of course, is Scooby Doo! A harmless dog is afraid of monsters to trembling knees and by the will of fate always encounters them. This time, Scooby went to the garden while his friends were engaged in another investigation. He hadn’t seen so many delicious vegetables! Scooby was about to have a delicious dinner, but there it was. Ghosts and monsters appeared from nowhere and began to pursue him. Whatever the fear of monsters, hunger was stronger! In the game "Scooby Doo Hunger Fever" you have to help the dog collect all the corn, tomatoes, cabbage and other vegetables on the field. Beware of ghosts, zombie farmers and nightmarish scarecrows. Try not to encounter them when picking a small crop. So that the meeting with them does not become the last, collect boxes with dog treats. This will help you protect yourself from monsters and give strength for jumping through holes. You will have three chances for error. If you use them all, then you have to start all over again. Good luck

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