Game Game Scary Birthday Scooby Doo online


Game Game Scary Birthday Scooby Doo online.

Our beloved dog Scooby Doo has a great holiday today! On this wonderful day he celebrates his birthday! The guys had already congratulated him, but before they had time to sit down at the festive table, the bell rang. A ghost wound up in the caves of one city and an urgent need to go to help. Scooby Doo was not very happy, but what to do. After a couple of minutes, the van was rushing into the village. In the game "Scary Birthday Scooby Doo" you have to help the dog get out of the creepy cave with ghosts. Upon arrival, he fell behind friends and got lost. Explore every corner for dog food and keys. They will help you open the door and the hope of an exit will be stronger several times. Remember that there are many traps in the corridors of the cave, so you should be very careful and careful not to get into trouble. At the end of each level you will meet a nightmare ghost. To destroy it, you need to use a cunning to lure a ghost into a pit. And in the end you will find a way out! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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