Game Aircraft: Fighting for Piston Peak online


Game Aircraft: Fighting for Piston Peak online.

Having won the World Air Rally, Dusty soon learns that his engine is badly damaged, and he can never again participate in high-speed air races. In search of a new lesson, Dusty meets the rescue fire brigade. He decides to join the team and then the terrible happens! In the national park, on the Piston Peak fire. You need to choose a plane: Dusty or Bun, and fly to battle with the fire. The game has five levels. You can change the plane at any level. Moving forward, using the arrow keys, you can dramatically change direction by pressing the down arrow. To put out the fire, go down to the river and collect water. Then flying over the burning trees, dump water on them using the Space bar. Also, help the rescue team in the fight against the fire by dumping fire-retardants into the places of ignition. Along the way, collect medals and earn bonus points. Stay alert and avoid obstacles. Help the little hero fight for Piston Peak.

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